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Laine Watches

Laine GG (Gelidus Guilloche) Watch

Laine GG (Gelidus Guilloche) Watch

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Torsti's 2nd official release. After the original Gelidus, with the heavily hand finished caliber, and now featuring a black polished and bevelled balance wheel cock and escape wheel cock, this new dial execution is stunning! Colored lacquer over the hand guilloche! Using a frosted finish on the mainplate with polished jewel sinks, it is an example of his vast talent. The new Guilloche dials are all done by hand on a rose engine machine and have a lovely depth to them, with blue, purple, green & grey coloring on offer. 3 colors are available for the main plate, YG, RG or Rhodium together with arabics or romans for the numerals.

Available in one (GG), two (GG2), or three (GG3) patterns of guilloche in a 40.5mm high polish SS case. 


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